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Dear Escondido,


Our community is at a crossroads. Crime is on the rise, the homeless issue isn't improving, and small businesses are struggling. We need new leadership that can bring people together and get Escondido back on track.

Over the past five years, It has been my honor to serve the families and students of our community on the Escondido Union High School Board.  I have worked with my colleagues to make sure our teachers feel empowered and supported, our district is operated in a fiscally responsible way, and our students are always put first.

I never expected to run for Mayor. When I was young, I suffered from my own poor decision making. I ended up in the foster care system and was even homeless for a period of time. I overcame those obstacles, started my own business, and have been able to create a good life for my family right here in Escondido.

I am running for Mayor to help more people like myself overcome their obstacles and embrace the opportunity of our community.

I look forward to meeting with you in the coming year to discuss my vision and your thoughts on how we can improve Escondido. If you would like to talk, please do not hesitate to reach out and email me at

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About Dane

Dane White is a fifth generation Escondido resident. After attending Escondido High School and Escondido Charter, Dane decided to pursue a career in the trades rather than taking a typical college route. Dane began his career as a construction worker and eventually worked his way up to Project Manager. Dane currently works as a small business owner. His company, WhiteWerks Flooring LLC, provides hard surface flooring installations and refinishing throughout San Diego County.

In addition to his career in construction, Dane has worked as a Resident Manager, operating a residence for individuals suffering from drug and alcohol addiction as well as mental health issues.

Dane was elected to the Escondido Union High School Board in 2016. Throughout his term, Dane has prioritized fiscal responsibility, vocational and trade education, and supporting at-risk youth. In 2020, Dane was reelected by a record setting margin.

While not spending time running his own business and supporting Escondido high school students, Dane is actively involved with his local church– helping run addiction recovery programs and assisting with youth activities.

Dane lives in central Escondido with his wife Kelsey, a special education teacher, and their two daughters SonnyJan and Hattie.


Dane's Record

Balanced Budgets

On Day One of serving on the school board, Dane made it a priority to secure the fiscal position of the Escondido Union High School District. In spite of numerous financial pressures facing local schools, particularly declining enrollment, Dane and his fellow board members were able to take a structural budget deficit and return to a balanced budget that protects the long term health of the district– prior to the availability of American Rescue Plan funds.

Responsible Investments in Education

Throughout his time on the board, Dane has been an advocate for responsible new investments in educational facilities, without raising taxes. This meant prioritizing the districts needs and finding partnerships to lessen the burden paid by the district. Dane's efforts directly led to building new bathrooms at Orange Glen High School and a local inter-governmental partnership to build a state of the art aquatics facility for Escondido's student athletes.

Leadership that Brings People Together

Dane served as President of the Escondido Union High School District throughout 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unlike many districts that succumbed to bitter in-fighting and confrontation between parents and teachers, Dane managed to bring folks together and develop a plan that worked for everyone. While distance learning was never an ideal situation, Dane helped craft a plan that kept students as engaged as possible, provided in-person learning environments for the most vulnerable students, and ensured teachers felt safe. Crediting his leadership on this issue, Dane won the unlikely support of the Escondido Secondary Teachers Association in his 2020 re-election bid.



"Dane White has served our community well on the school board, ensuring parents have a say in their kid's education and making sure the district's budget is balanced. He will similarly deliver for Escondido as Mayor and work hard to address critical issues like rising crime and homelessness."

Senator Brian Jones

California State Senate


Senator Brian Jones

California State Senate

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Jim Desmond

San Diego County Supervisor

Mike Morasco

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Doug Shultz

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Escondido Union High School District President

Tina Pope

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Latest News

Dane White, once homeless, knows how to solve the public crisis

October 28th, 2022 - Dane White never expected to run for Escondido mayor considering his history in the foster care system and as an unhoused individual in the streets of Escondido. White says he used the tools the city provided to pull himself out of his situation, and now has a unique perspective on how to solve issues like homelessness in San Diego.



The failure of state and local leaders to address the homelessness crisis is nothing short of a disaster. We cannot keep enabling those that suffer from mental health or addiction and perpetuating the never ending cycle of homelessness.

To read my full plan to address homelessness in Escondido, click here.


  Rising Crime  

In just about every category, whether it be retail theft or violent crime, our community is less safe today than just a few years prior. 

Our city leadership needs to ensure that the Escondido Police Department has the funding and resources they need to do their jobs and protect our families and businesses. As Mayor, I will be a collaborative partner with law enforcement.



 Small Business 

The COVID-19 Pandemic has shown just how critical small business is to our community. The City needs to take a more proactive approach to supporting entrepreneurs that create jobs and opportunity for our residents.

To read my full plan to support small businesses in Escondido, click here.

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