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It's Time to Demand Homelessness Solutions in Escondido!

The failure of state and local leaders to address the homelessness crisis is nothing short of a disaster. We cannot keep enabling those that suffer from mental health or addiction and perpetuating the never ending cycle of homelessness. I am proposing a plan to enact new policies that provide compassion, but demand accountability, and I need your input and feedback to help make this plan a reality.


The following are my proposals to clear homeless encampments, enforce the law, and help people find the path to recovery:

  • Require the City Manager to identify and establish emergency temporary shelter space, including temporary camping space, equal to 75% of the total number of homeless individuals in the City.

  • Partner with the County provide mental health treatment, substance abuse treatment, and social services at the emergency shelter sites.

  • Implement an anti-camping/anti-vagrancy ordinance and deem homeless encampments illegal.

  • Restart the Family Reunification program with the goal of reconnecting homeless individuals with their family members.

  • Partner with Escondido Adult School and Palomar College to provide skilled trade courses and, where possible, tie city-facilitated aid to the attendance and completion of those classes.

The bottom line is that we can not allow the homeless to suffer and die on the streets. I believe this plan will get us there, but I want to hear your thought. Please, take a moment to use the form below to submit your thoughts on this proposal and any additional ideas you may have to address the homelessness crisis in Escondido.


Dane White

Candidate, Mayor of Escondido

Trustee, Escondido Union High School District

Thanks for submitting!

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